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When summer arrives, greet it with a smile.

Prepare your home for hot weather, and stay comfortable during even the worst heat.

Summer's on the way, and with it comes miserable, sticky heat that can make your home uncomfortable, and raise your energy use. Stay cool, comfortable and energy-smart with a few tips for defending your home from summer weather.

Clean your air filter

One of the easiest ways to keep your home comfortable this summer is to make sure your air filter is clean. A clean air filter creates less resistance for air, allowing it to flow more freely through your air conditioning system. This will make your home more comfortable, while also helping you spend less on energy because the equipment doesn't have to work as hard.

Fill the gap

Weather stripping, insulating and caulking aren't just about keeping the cold out during winter. They can also work hard to keep the cold in during the summer. Any air leak is a chance for your comfortable environment to escape, raising your temperature, your humidity and your energy costs.

Sunglasses for your house

If you have windows that receive direct sunlight, consider having them tinted with a solar-reflective film. Curtains and blinds can go a long way towards keeping the light out, but solar film will help reflect heat as well. Which can reduce the load placed upon your air conditioner.

Sunglasses on a house illustration

Use cooler bulbs

Tinting, curtains and blinds can keep out the heat, but they can also keep out the light. And it doesn't make sense to shut out the sunlight if you're just going to warm your home up with bright, hot incandescent light bulbs. Switching to cooler CFL or LED light bulbs won't just save you energy, it can also lower the amount of heat in your home.

Insulate yourself from the heat

Attic insulation isn't just about keeping the cold out during winter. Proper insulation also helps keep the heat from your roof and attic from entering your home and ruining your cool comfort. Insulation is a smart decision in any season, really, though you'll most appreciate the extra comfort and energy savings during extreme heat or cold.

Get your system ready for the challenge

A properly functioning air conditioner is your best defense against a warm, uncomfortable home. If everything is properly adjusted and maintained, and your equipment has the proper refrigerant charge, you will enjoy greater energy efficiency and comfort when the hot weather hits. To make sure you're in good shape, use the Lennox® Dealer Locator to find a qualified heating and air conditioning professional in your neighborhood.

Manage your schedule

A programmable thermostat can help you use less energy by running your air- conditioning system less often when you're not home. But if the changes in your schedule are too drastic – for example, letting the temperature in your home go up by 25 degrees when you're gone—your system will have to work harder to restore comfort when you return. Work with your Lennox® dealer to find a schedule that's energy-efficient, without huge daily temperature swings.

Share your ideas and win

If you have a smart idea that you use to save energy around the house, share it with Lennox. You could win the 2014 Lennox® Energy Savings Superstar Contest summer prize package that includes $10,000 towards a new Lennox heating and cooling system, a one-year supply of ice cream and four tickets to a nearby water park. For rules and instructions on how to enter, visit the Lennox Energy Savings Superstar Contest Website.

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