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Energy Savings Superstar 2018 Contest
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Are you an Energy Savings Superstar?

At Lennox®, we are constantly looking for new ways to help you stay comfortable and conserve energy. Our goal is to find innovative heating and cooling solutions that will improve the efficiency of your home system and we know you have great ideas as well. 

One of the results from the 2018 Lennox® Home Energy Report Card shows that when energy bills increase in the summer 31% of those responding turn up or turn off their thermostat. 

energy savings report infographic

Now through August 31, you can share your best tips, tricks and advice by entering our annual Energy Savings Superstar contest for the chance to win up to $10,000* in Lennox® HVAC equipment, a year's supply of ice cream and tickets to your local water park. Click here to enter to win. 

Last year's winner, Charlie Faunde from New Jersey, decided to implement "No WIFI Wednesdays" in his household, and his suggestion led to his designation as Lennox' newest "Energy Savings Superstar." 

energy savings 2017 winner

If you need a spark of inspiration, here are some additional ideas from last year:

"When my husband is tired, I request he lay down in front of the door to insulate against drafts coming from under the door threshold." –Laura Mahan [Houston, TX]

"We keep a bucket in our shower to catch the water and use that to water plants and veggies!" –Jodi Scott [Snellville, GA]


1.Ordering Delivery or Take-Out (which means not using the oven or dishwasher)

2.Staying In Our Pajamas All Day (saving water by not showering and reducing washer and dryer usage as there is less laundry)

3.Our Kids Take Turns Fanning Mommy (cutting down on cooling costs or the need for an electric fan)

4.The Kids Love Playing A Fun Game Called "Pick Lint And Other Things Out Of The Carpet By Hand" (which cuts down on the need for Mom to vacuum) Please don't be jealous that you didn't think of these ideas first and please do not mistake our energy saving strategies for laziness. You too can live the life of an energy saving superstar! Always remember that it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile!" –Tiffany Witherspoon [Schertz, TX]

Don't miss your chance to become an Energy Savings Superstar. Contest ends August 31, so act now and share your tip here.

*The up to $10,000 in equipment grand prize may include central cooling and/or heating equipment; must include installation costs.

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