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Replacing your A/C? Consider a home comfort system.

After a long, distinguished career, your air conditioner is ready to retire.

You've shared a lot of summers together, but the inefficiency, high temperatures and uncomfortable indoor humidity have made it time to say goodbye. Don't think of it as a hassle, think of it as an opportunity.

Replace the entire system, or just one part?

Anytime you need to repair or replace a part of your home's heating and air-conditioning system, ask yourself a few questions. Are you spending a lot on repairs on a regular basis? Is your system more than just a few years old? How high are your energy bills? A new system may be a smart decision for many reasons.

It doesn't have to be old to be inefficient.

With the continuing advancement of home comfort technology, equipment is becoming more energy efficient. A new system may offer you substantial energy savings even if your current system is only a few years old.

Balanced performance.

By replacing your entire system, rather than just a single component, you get equipment that's been designed to work together. Because of this compatibility, you'll enjoy greater energy efficiency and optimized comfort.

It's just like replacing a flat tire on your car. Using one tire of a different size would reduce the performance of the entire vehicle.

Know the parts of a home comfort system.

When you understand how a home comfort system works, it's easy to understand why a matched system can offer greater energy savings and comfort.

The furnace or air handler.

The furnace or air handler is the center of the system, almost always found indoors. It circulates heated or cooled air all year long.

The air conditioner or heat pump.

Found outdoors, the air conditioner or heat pump connects to the furnace or air handler to cool air in the summer and, in the case of a heat pump, warm air in the winter.

The thermostat.

The brains of the entire operation, the thermostat coordinates heating and cooling based on the temperature you set indoors. Programmable thermostats allow your system to heat or cool on a schedule, saving energy when you're not home.

Indoor air quality.

For even healthier, more comfortable air, an effective air cleaning system is a must.

Help is here when you need it.

There are many resources out there to help you decide whether to repair or replace. The more you know, the better a decision you can make. Here on the Lennox® website, you'll find a helpful section called "Buyer's Guide" that goes into detail about every aspect of your decision, helping you make the right choice for greater energy efficiency and comfort. Find out all you can, because replacing your system may be the best decision you'll make all summer.

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