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Keep your home safe during summer vacations.

Heading out for the summer? Make sure everything is safe and secure when you return.

Summertime is vacation time. A chance to get away from the familiar routine and enjoy a little change of pace. Unfortunately, you can't take your house with you. But you can take a few extra steps to keep it safe while you're gone.

Piled up papers say "nobody's home"

If your front yard has a collection of unread newspapers, or the mailbox is bulging with uncollected mail, that's a pretty sure sign that nobody is home. If you're going to be gone for more than a day or two, arrange to have your mail and paper held rather than delivered.

Lights mean lived-in

Thieves tend to prefer easier targets, like empty houses. Even if your home is temporarily empty, you can still create the illusion of daily activity with a few lights around the house. Set these lights on a timer and you'll make it appear as though your home is occupied, even if you happen to be miles away.

Don't keep it empty

If you're taking an extended vacation, especially if you have pets, consider using a house sitter you trust, or employing a house-sitting service. The house sitter can take care of your mail and paper, feed and walk your pets, and prevent your home from appearing empty and vulnerable.

Don't advertise your absence

It may be tempting to share the details of your upcoming trip on social media platforms, but you never know who's reading your posts. If you tell the whole world when you'll be gone, you may be inviting unwanted attention from someone looking for an easy target. There will be plenty of opportunities to share the details and photos from your trip after you return, so it's safer to wait.

Cartoon burglar

Don't put your valuables on display

If criminals don't know you have nice things in your home, they won't want to steal them. Take a few moments to look around your home and see if any large valuables are easily visible. If your television, home entertainment system, video game consoles or other expensive items are clearly visible through the windows, it's almost like putting them in a display case for thieves. Adjust your shades or blinds to hide valuable items, or move them around to make them less obvious.

Prevent unexpected utility issues

Crime isn't the only unwanted thing that can happen while you're away. Protect yourself from unexpected surprises by taking a few steps with your utilities before you go. Shut off your water heater, unplug appliances and turn off the main water supply to your home. That way, you'll greatly reduce your risk of water leaks or electrical fires.

Don't waste energy nobody can feel

Your home heating and cooling system uses a lot of energy every month to keep you comfortable. But there's no point in running it if your home is empty. If you have a programmable thermostat like the iComfort WiFi® from Lennox that includes Away Mode, activate it to reduce system usage while you're away. If your thermostat doesn't have Away Mode, change the program to a more energy-efficient temperature for the entire time you're gone.

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