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Creative ways to save energy

You've tried the basics, like changing light bulbs and lowering your thermostat. Can your electric bill get any lower?The answer is yes, when you get the family involved and follow these helpful pointers below:

Plant a tree

(Or a shrub, or a vine). Well-placed landscaping can deliver effective shade, act as a windbreak and help to reduce energy bills. And carefully positioned trees can save up to 25% of the energy a typical household uses.

Discover the invisible energy waster

"Phantom drain" is caused by electronic appliances and devices that remain plugged in, even while turned off. With the influx of personal electronic items in the home today (ipod, smartphone, gaming devices), and everyday items that get overlooked (toaster, blender, computers), pennies can add up to dollars quickly. Unplug items that are not in use, or charge them all with one easy-to-unplug power strip.

Let the kids play

Check the web site or your local utility provider—or try the U.S. Energy Information Administration's web site—for kids' energy games. While revving up the computer does burn energy, children can learn valuable ways to save energy that can pay off big in the long run.

Start a "Lights Out" night

Once a month, turn out all the lights, unplug the electronics, and hand out flashlights to everyone in your home—then, gather ‘round to share stories or favorite family memories. If it's warm, go outside, camp out in the back yard or enjoy a picnic under the moonlight.

Reward the energy savers

Encourage everyone in your home to become part of the energy-saving solution. Establish a system (eating out, a day at the zoo, etc.) to reward consistent energy-saving behaviors, like turning off water while brushing teeth, or taking a 5-minute shower. Aim to beat last month's bill. Before long, the process will become automatic.

Ready to up the ante? Lennox offers a variety of energy-efficient HVAC products that can help reduce energy use while keeping utility costs low. For more information, contact a Lennox® dealer in your area.

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