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Every year, Southern Living creates a very special way to show off the latest ideas in interior design and comfort: The Southern Living Idea House.

Built in a new location every year, the 2014 house is located in Bluffton, South Carolina, and features the work of Architect Ken Pursley and Interior Designer Suzanne Kasler. Inside, Ken and Suzanne have created a masterpiece of beauty, functionality and inspiration. Let their expertise and skill breathe new life into your home environment.

Pull your tub out of the wall

Building a bathtub into the wall can save space. However, it doesn't take full advantage of a bathroom's artistic potential. Instead, consider a freestanding tub. Much like sculpture, a freestanding tub creates its own space, and commands attention rather than simply blending into the wall.

Create unity with fabric

To create a sense of cohesion between two rooms, consider using a fabric pattern as a common bond between them. For example, in the Southern Living Idea House, a bedroom and adjoining bathroom share a common design used on the window shades and pillow shams, creating harmony between the two rooms.

Make a statement with stripes

According to Suzanne, stripes are one of the few patterns that can hold their own visual weight when combined with other designs. Use that power to your advantage to liven up a room, whether you want it to be more whimsical, more striking or more artistic.

Take advantage of your views

Throughout the Southern Living Idea House, Ken and Suzanne worked together to find ways to maximize the enjoyment a homeowner might get from the different landscapes that the house overlooks. For example, the placement of a comfortable chair or pillows to invite the viewer into the window area. Use this approach in your own home by creating more comfortable spaces near the windows that offer the best views. By doing so, you can create your own place of reflection or tranquility, with nature as your background.

Light it right

Light fixtures can totally alter the mood of the room, and not just by the light they emit. Large light fixtures work well in large spaces, but can overwhelm smaller areas even if the fixtures are striking in their appearance. Match the size of your lights to the space, and match the material they're made of to their purpose, as well. Metal fixtures are a smarter choice than fabric to use above cooktops.

Consider comfort an indispensable part of the décor

No matter how a room is decorated, the way it feels will have just as great an impact on how the room is perceived. The Southern Living Idea House uses Lennox® heating and air-conditioning equipment because it brings the same innovation to comfort that the House itself brings to interior design. The Lennox products used in the house, including the iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat, the XP21 Heat Pump, the CBX40UHV* variable-speed air handler and the Lennox HCWHD Whole-Home Dehumidifier help create an environment that compliments and even accentuates the most artistic and creative decorating ideas. Lennox would like to thank Zoe Gowen, Senior Homes Editor at Southern Living at Time Inc. for her assistance in writing this article.

*The CBX40UHV air handler has been replaced by the CBA38MV, the quietest and most efficient air handler you can buy.

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