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10 Years Later… We're Still
Feeling The Love

"Find ways to make your industry better." 

This career advice I received from my father-in-law Charlie Swartz in 1984 intrigued me, but I had no idea it would still be my professional north star in 2019.

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When I started at Lennox 11 years ago, the "how" behind this goal of improving the HVAC industry became clear. Growing up in the harsh Wisconsin winters, I knew indoor heat was a luxury some people didn't have. That didn't sit right with me. We had to find a way to give furnaces to people in need – for free.

Two small girls in "Feel the Love" T-shirtsLennox donated one furnace in 2009 and Wesley Heating donated the install – small beginnings, but to the wounded veteran who felt the comfort of heat in his own home, there was nothing small about it. The next year, we had 82 installations in Wisconsin. What started as a drop in the bucket quickly expanded into other Midwest states and then Canada. Now Feel The Love reaches all states and all Canadian provinces through 371 independent dealers.

October 5, 2019, marks 10 years of donating HVAC systems through Lennox' Feel The Love program. As I look back on the last decade, I'm blown away by the generosity of our Lennox dealers across North America, whose employees give up their weekends to install systems for those in need. And the generosity doesn't stop there – many times the employees landscape, help with projects around the house and more, all to bring a smile to a homeowner in need. They genuinely want to lend a hand to their local communities. 

Four people holding a "Feel the Love" signThat desire to meet a need, no matter the costs involved, is what makes Lennox different. Not only do Lennox dealers care deeply, but the corporate commitment to this program has never wavered. We believe in this program and our ability to help local communities, and we'll continue to allocate resources and increase the annual goal for installations. This year, Lennox will celebrate more than 1,300 total installations since the program's creation. 

2019 is a milestone year. What started a decade ago evolved into an annual, multi-national Feel The Love event. The program has grown exponentially, and we have a vision to do more. I can't wait to see the day when we install 2,000 units across North America in a single weekend. That's 2,000 lives changed, 2,000 families who will experience perfect comfort at home.

It's possible – and if the last decade is any indication, unstoppable. Can you Feel The Love?

Blog by Dave Chatmon
Lennox District Manager, Wisconsin & Michigan Upper Peninsula 

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