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Understanding the Benefits of a Matched System

You've made the decision – it's time to replace your heating or cooling unit. As you work with your local Lennox® dealer to find the best product solutions for your home, you may be surprised when they recommend that you replace your system's counterpart, the furnace or air conditioner, as well to ensure you have a matched system. It may not seem like you need to replace your furnace in the middle of the summer heat or your AC in the chill of winter, but there's good reasoning for replacing both of your home's units at the same time. All air-conditioning units and heat pumps are specifically designed to work with matched indoor units, like furnaces or air handlers, for optimum efficiency and performance. While your outdoor cooling system may "work" with indoor units, including older systems, it will only operate at its peak potential when paired with the right-sized system for your home.

Before you replace your residential HVAC system, take a few minutes to understand the benefits of having a matched system and the impact your purchase has on your product warranties. Read on to learn more.

Working Better Together 

You know your outdoor air conditioner or heat pump is responsible for generating cold air, but did you know it's actually your indoor unit that's responsible for pushing that cold air throughout your home? This is why it's important that both units are operating at the same caliber. Even with a new outdoor unit, an older, poorly operating indoor unit could lead to hot and cold spots, a noisy startup or even poor indoor air quality, which is likely one of the problems you wanted to fix in the first place. Over the past few years, indoor blower units have seen numerous advances in design and innovation, especially when it comes to circulating air throughout your home. These new indoor units operate more quietly and more efficiently, and they do their job best when paired with a newer outdoor unit.

Your matched system's performance also impacts how efficiently your central heat and air system operates. You may gain higher efficiency by replacing only the outdoor unit, but the efficiency levels, as well as the money you may save on your heating and cooling bills, will not be as high as they would with a matched system.

Understanding Your Product Warranty 

With the purchase of your new residential HVAC system comes a new product warranty. By replacing both units at the same time, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new warranty covers your entire system. If your outdoor and indoor units are the same age, they have been subjected to the same amount of wear and tear and will need to be replaced at the same time, rather than enduring a separate purchase a few years later. You'll also be able to conduct the proper seasonal maintenance on your systems at the same time, knowing they have a similar lifespan. 

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) evaluates the efficiency ratings on each matched system, and this in turn, can impact the warranty that accompanies your new purchase. Your Lennox dealer will be able to help you review these ratings, compare systems and find the Lennox product line that's best for your budget and your home comfort needs. 

Find Your Matched System

Now that you're aware of the benefits of a matched system and the importance of your product warranties, it's time to make a match. Lennox offers a number of innovative matched system solutions at varying price points, perfect for homes of any size and in any environment. Contact your local Lennox dealer today to learn more and find the best matched system for your home.

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