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Lennox® Mini-Split Ductless Systems

Depending on the design of your home, it may be difficult to get properly conditioned air where you need it. In situations like this, Lennox® Mini-Split Ductless Systems solve the problem by bringing powerful, efficient heating and cooling to individual areas, without the need for a ductwork connection.

Traditional Split Systems

Most home heating and cooling systems take the form of a conventional "split system," in which an air conditioner or heat pump outside is paired with a furnace or air handler inside. In this kind of system, the indoor unit circulates air through ducts to every room in the house.

But what about those areas in your home that are a little unconventional? Let's say you've added a bonus room over the garage, and there's no practical way to connect it to your home's ductwork. Or you've decided that your sunroom is just a little too warm in the summer and needs cooling, but you can't put new ductwork in because there's nothing underneath but a concrete slab. A Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System is the answer to these limitations.    

Window Units and Space Heaters

A space heater or window unit can offer some form of relief, but they aren't without their drawbacks. Window units can compromise a home's security, and let in insects and other pests. Space heaters run the risk of being knocked over, and can take a while to fully warm an area. By contrast, Lennox Mini-Split Ductless Systems solve comfort issues without these drawbacks.

How Mini-Split Ductless Systems Work

A Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System functions a little bit like a conventional home split system, in that there is an indoor component and an outdoor component. But rather than connecting to ductwork to heat and cool the entire home, a Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System can provide powerful heating and cooling for up to five individual areas, without the need for ducts.

The outdoor unit

The external component of a Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System is a small, quiet unit situated next to your home that is responsible for transferring heat to and from the outside air. 

The indoor unit

The indoor unit circulates warm or cool air to make the room comfortable. Depending on the system you choose, up to five indoor units can share one outdoor unit. This allows Lennox Mini-Split Ductless Systems to heat and cool one area, or several rooms at once.

Unobtrusive installation

Lennox Mini-Split Ductless Systems bring heating and cooling nearly anywhere. But they also have the added advantage of requiring virtually no modification to the room or structure. The indoor and outdoor units connect via one refrigerant line, necessitating only a small hole in the wall. Furthermore, the indoor unit is designed to mount on the wall, often near the ceiling, without taking up too much space and disrupting the décor.

Impressive energy efficiency

Lennox Mini-Split Ductless Systems operate using inverter technology, allowing them to increase and decrease cooling and heating in small increments. Because they can precisely match demand with output, they can operate with extreme energy efficiency. This can save you money and make you eligible for federal tax credits.

Quiet operation

Despite their power and capability, Lennox Mini-Split Ductless Systems operate with very low sound levels. So you can enjoy comfort without disruption. Indoor units generate sound levels as low as 29dB, which is about the equivalent of a whisper. Outdoor units are as quiet as 51dB, which is about the same sound level as a normal conversation. 

The newest units from Lennox

Lennox currently offers three different Mini-Split Ductless Systems, allowing you to choose the ideal solution for your needs.

The MS8C Air Conditioner 

Ideal for areas that only need cooling. The MS8C air conditioner system provides quiet, efficient relief for hot rooms, with an energy rating of up to 22 SEER.

The MPA Heat Pump

For continuous comfort in hot and cold weather. The MPA heat pump system can either cool or warm the room depending on your needs, while delivering energy ratings of up to 23.5 SEER and 10.2 HSPF.

The MPA Multi-Room Heat Pump

With the ability to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit, the MPA allows you to bring independently controlled comfort to up to five different areas. The MPA operates with efficiency levels of up to 23.5 SEER and 10.5 HSPF. 

Put a Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System to work for you

If you have areas in your home that are difficult to heat or cool, your local Lennox Dealer can help you find the ideal Mini-Split Ductless System solution to restore perfect comfort. 

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