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Too Hot? Too Cold? Take Control of Your Home's Comfort Today

Do you notice hot or cold spots in your home? Maybe you always need to put on a sweater in your bedroom and then peel off layers in the living room. It's difficult to get comfortable when you feel like you're weathering a change of seasons simply by walking into another room.

Inconsistent temperatures aren't just frustrating—they can also drain your budget. Instead of maximizing your energy dollars, you end up with sky-high energy bills due to a system that's ineffectively heating or cooling.

You might think it's just how your home was built and that you're stuck being uncomfortable. However, there's good news. You can take control of this comfort conundrum. 

Find your local Lennox® dealer to learn how to balance efficiency and comfort with a multi-zone HVAC system. You might be surprised at how affordable it is to get perfect air in your home. Lennox offers special financing and massive rebates to allow you to enhance your comfort—and savings.

Whether you're struggling with hot or cold zones in your home or different family members have distinctly different comfort preferences, you don't have to contend with discomfort. Read on to see why zoning makes comfort control easy.

Zoning is Efficient and Effective

By dividing your home into separate areas, or zones, an HVAC zoning system allows you to customize the air temperature in each area. This means that the environment in every room stays exactly how you want it, making it your personal degree of perfect. The iHarmony® Zoning System from Lennox offers room-to-room temperature control as part of the Ultimate Comfort System. You can redirect air flow to specific areas of your home, putting heating and cooling where you want it. You can even use your smartphone to remotely adjust the temperature in any zone.

The system comprises multiple Zone Controls that operate dampers within the ductwork of your central-air system. Each zone can have its own individual schedule, so your heating and cooling can more closely match your routine and lifestyle. The systems constantly measure the temperature of their specific zones, and open or close the dampers according to the designated comfort settings. As a result, you achieve customized comfort and precision for every room in your home and every member of your family.

Zoning Reduces Energy Waste

The iHarmony® Zoning System, which is ideal for heating cold rooms or cooling ones that get overly hot, maximizes home comfort and minimizes wasted energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, zoning can deliver energy savings of up to 35 percent when used with a programmable thermostat.

Zoning is the Ultimate Comfort Solution

A zoning system not only keeps your family members happy and comfortable; it can also be the perfect heating and cooling solution if you have:

  • Large windows, vaulted ceilings and glass-enclosed patio rooms
  • Uneven home temperatures
  • Rooms you seldom use 
  • Rooms that feel stuffy and would benefit from constant air movement
  • A room that was added after your heating and cooling system was installed
  • A home office containing heat-producing electronic equipment

Get the Comfort and Efficiency You Deserve

You don't have to settle for varying home temperatures or an inefficient HVAC system. Talk to your local Lennox® dealer about adding zoning to your home.

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