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Why Choose a Lennox Premier Dealer?

With all the household duties you attend to every day, the thought of dealing with your HVAC system can be overwhelming. You depend on hot and cold air to keep your home comfortable in every kind of weather, so you know calling for help isn't something that can be swept under the rug when you need a new system, repair, or even timely maintenance. The search for the best provider starts to feel like one more thing you just don't have time for.

How Important is your HVAC system anyway?


Attention to wellness has skyrocketed to become a top priority in our daily lives; the conversation of what is and is not healthy high on the list of most-talked-about topics between friends, work associates, and in our homes across the dinner table. As health-conscious individuals we read the ingredients on the labels of the food we put into our body. We carry devices that count the steps we take each day to meet a prescribed goal for our specific height and weight, we wear natural fibers to allow our skin to breathe and we are even more focused than ever on how to properly inhale through our nose and out through our mouths to relieve the stress of daily living. But what about that air you’re breathing?

There's Something in the Air


On average, you take 22,000 breaths of air each day. It isn't something you think about like the other steps you take to keep yourself and your family healthy, but what's in that air you're breathing can actually play a bigger role in your health than many of the health-conscious habits you've diligently added to your daily regimen.

The Invisible Guest


The air inside your home is a composite of gasses and other elements (good and bad) you may not see, but you definitely feel every time you breathe. Allergens, air pollutants, mold and mildew that can cause extreme physical discomfort and even long-term illness may well be affecting the health of your entire household in ways you aren't aware.

When you consider that you and your family members are inside approximately 90% of the time—and a properly working HVAC system can control not only the temperature but more importantly regulate the quality of air you are breathing —it becomes clear that hiring the right HVAC provider may be the most important step you can take toward good health.

Choose 'Well' with a Lennox Premier Dealer


When it's time to replace your HVAC system, have maintenance performed, or you require an assessment of your current Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), it's time to find an experienced professional you can trust.

It's easy to find a Lennox Premier Dealer in your area representing nearly 130 years of heating and cooling expertise. Afterall, 84% of homeowners are likely to recommend a Lennox Premier Dealer to family and friends and 86% of homeowners who used a Lennox Premier Dealer saying their expectations had been met or exceeded.* With a Lennox Premier Dealer, you can feel confident you are choosing the best of the best in the industry to attend to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.


The Perks of Premier—Beyond a Passion for Perfect Air

A belief that everyone deserves perfect air puts Lennox Premier Dealers in a special class of providers. They not only share the core Lennox values of integrity, respect, and excellence, but are trained by Lennox in the industry-leading products they provide.

In addition to the peace of mind you get knowing your dealer knows their equipment, you will also enjoy the kind of customer service that is so often hard to find today. When you call on a Lennox Premier Dealer, you will not be entered into a maze of extensions and departments before reaching what you hope is the right assistance. You will have a direct line to Lennox through your Premier Dealer.

A Reputation That Counts

You can feel confident in your choice to work with any Lennox Premier Dealer as they have incredible reputations and focus on the homeowner experience. When searching for a dealer in your area, check the Lennox Dealer Locator and check for the Premier Dealer indicator above the dealer's name. Then your search is over. You can breathe easy knowing you're on the road to achieving perfect air.


*Survey conducted in August 2022 by Decision Analyst on behalf of Lennox that included 460 US and Canadian homeowners who had purchased a system through a Lennox Premier Dealer in the previous six months.

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