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Four Ways to Have a Healthier, Happier Holiday Season

You might begin the holidays in good cheer, but stress often sneaks its way into the season. Between baking cookies and wrapping gifts, entertaining loved ones and decorating for the most wonderful time of year, it's easy to feel overscheduled and overwhelmed. More than 80 percent of people find the holiday season to be "somewhat" or "very" stressful, according to a poll from VeryWell.

Fortunately, there are many ways to scale back on stress and breathe easier. For starters, rethink the air in your home. The air you breathe is the first step to living a happy and healthy life. Find a Lennox® dealer near you to open up the best gift: perfect air. Worried about holiday spending? You can take advantage of huge rebates and special financing to put perfect air within reach. 

If the festive season has you feeling frantic, read on for some ways to manage holiday stress and infuse more relaxation into your life.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Before the holidays become too much to handle, take a look at how much sleep you're getting. When you don't get proper rest, which is seven to nine hours for most adults, you're more emotional, impulsive and sensitive to negative stimuli. Sleep isn't just restorative; it's a powerful stress reducer. Here's how to set the stage for a restful slumber.

Walk Away Your Worries

When holiday stress stacks up, go for a walk. All you need is a vigorous, 30-minute walk to help decrease anxiety and improve sleep. You can increase the stress-busting benefits by walking outdoors. Sunshine stimulates production of the feel-good chemical serotonin and also helps relieve seasonal affective disorder, which is common during the chilly, gray days of winter.

Just Say No

You can slash some of your holiday stress by saying no to some things. Instead of going overboard and attending every party, preparing countless cookies and shopping for unique gifts, decide in advance to do less. When you say no, you give yourself room to enjoy more of what matters. Give yourself permission to kick up your feet, pour a glass of eggnog and indulge in a holiday movie.

Make Sure Houseguests are Comfortable

If you're welcoming holiday guests at your home, you can eliminate some of the stress of hosting by taking a smarter approach to temperature control. Not everyone has the same temperature preference, and with Lennox' iHarmony® Zoning System, every guest can enjoy their own degree of individualized temperature control for their part of the home.

By controlling zones with an iComfort® S30, you don't have to worry that Uncle Bob is too warm in the living room while Aunt Susan is shivering in the kitchen. Make sure you're maximizing the benefits of your smart thermostat by browsing these best practices.

A Happier, Healthier Holiday Season

While the holidays inevitably bring some stresses (back-to-back parties, visits from the in-laws, packed malls), you don't have to get caught up in the frenzy. Start at home and take simple steps to manage stress and embrace the season. See how Lennox can help.

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