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Dave Lennox Signature® Collection


Heat Pump

The most precise and efficient heat pump you can buy, now featuring Lennox TruHeat Performance

Price Guide
Efficiency Rating (SEER)
up to 24
Efficiency Rating (SEER 2)
up to 23
Efficiency Rating (HSPF)
up to 11.8
Efficiency Rating (HSPF2)
up to 10.3
Energy Star®

All Dave Lennox Signature® Collection models come with a 10-Year Limited Warranty on compressor and covered components. For more information, visit

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The Ultimate Side of Perfect Air

Not only is the SL25XPV heat pump part of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, it’s part of the Ultimate Comfort System™, which combines the best of everything Lennox has to offer to create an unprecedented whole-home comfort system that seamlessly and intelligently works together to stay finely tuned to your home and deliver consistently clean, perfect air.

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The Ultimate Side of Perfect Air
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Illustration of Truer, Richer Warmth

Truer, Richer Warmth

Truer, Richer Warmth

Lennox TruHeat Performance delivers a greater amount of heat compared to traditional heat pumps, resulting in a feeling similar to the rich, warm comfort of a gas furnace—even during the coldest outdoor temperatures.

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Consistently Perfect

Precise Comfort® technology adjusts heating and cooling output in precise and minute increments to perfectly match your energy use with your comfort.

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Our Uncontested Quantum™ Coil

With years of rigorous testing under the most extreme conditions, our Quantum Coil—featuring a proprietary aluminum alloy exclusive to Lennox—is designed to weather the harshest elements.

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Beyond Quiet

This heat pump has been engineered with a variable-capacity compressor which allows it to primarily run in low speed—drastically minimizing the sound of air kicking on or off inside the home. Add in a special sound-dampening system to absorb outdoor noise and you can be assured it operates at a noise level that is, quite simply, unheard of.

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Smarter Together

With the help of the iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat, the SL25XPV heat pump unlocks a world of connectivity. It stays finely tuned to your home by using sensors to react, diagnose, and troubleshoot—all while remaining in constant contact with your dealer to ensure proactive responses. While you’re away, your thermostat can automatically change the temperature of your home to a more energy-efficient setting through Smart Away™ mode to save energy and money. And the system even responds to the outdoor environment to adjust operation to account for factors like pollen and outdoor air quality.

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SL25XPV Heat Pump

3 Stars 3/5

Not air conditioner, but air cooler

June 05, 2024

I am disappointed with the unit's ability to remove the humidity from the air. The humidity on my first floor hovers around 60% (+ or - a couple degrees). My 17-year old Trane is in the upper 40% level.

Charles E S


Age: Over 65`

Gender: Male

Reason for Replacement: Emergency

Warranty Satisfaction:
5 Stars 5/5
May 09, 2024


5 Stars 5/5
April 18, 2024

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  • * Efficiency claim based on comparison of highest Designated Tested Combination SEER of the SL25XPV as compared to the Designated Test Combination SEER of the competitive variable capacity compressor units as published in AHRI (June 2021). Actual system combination efficiency may vary; consult AHRI for exact system efficiencies. Precision claim based on the average cooling capacity range of the SL25XPV as compared to the average cooling capacity range of the competitive variable capacity compressor units based on published competitive data (June 2021). Cooling capacity ranges calculated across 2, 3, 4 and 5 tonnage at maximum and minimum speed at ARI standard rating conditions: 95°F outdoor and 80°/67° indoor (80°F dry bulb and 67°F wet bulb).
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