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Lennox and Heritage Homes: Going Green Together

DALLAS, TX — January 13, 2007 — The New Year is presenting a new opportunity for homebuyers to help protect the environment and save money with their new home. Heritage Homes Group, a leading home builder located in the Philadelphia, Penn. area, has teamed up with Lennox Industries to offer their homebuyers better and more efficient home comfort. Currently, homebuyers spend a large amount of time selecting fixtures, flooring, and other amenities for their homes — but do they put as much thought into their home comfort or HVAC system? Philadelphia-area HVAC contractor ComfortCreators president Fred Moore sees this mentality every day. "Some homebuyers will spend $5,000-10,000 for a chandelier, but they won't spend the money for a better home comfort system, because they're not educated on the benefits," he said. "There is a strong demand in the Northeast for $600,000 to $1 million homes, but builders are still installing 80% efficient furnaces. A better system may cost the homeowner $50 more in their mortgage payment, but save them $60 a month on utility costs. So, they're actually saving money by installing a better system." Why is Heritage going green? David Brandschain, president of Heritage Homes Group, cites two big reasons for focus on home comfort in the new home market. "The rise in utility and gas prices is a pressing issue for consumers, so we're committed to reducing energy usage and their monthly costs. It's money in their pockets, and it helps protect the environment. This is the wave of the future, and Heritage wants to be a leader in this area." The new air conditioners will also contain the new environmentally-friendly refrigerant, R410A. Heritage is proactively making the change from the old refrigerant R22, which will be phased out by 2010, also mandated by the government. Lennox' role Lennox business development manager Brian Feenie worked in his previous role as a territory manager to help Heritage Homes Group transition from their 10 SEER air conditioning units to the government-mandated 13 SEER units after Heritage Homes Group's previous supplier left them in a bind. Through this process, Lennox proved they could supply superior quality units in a timely manner. Now Heritage Homes uses 100% Lennox. When Brandschain called Feenie to determine how Lennox could help differentiate Heritage from it's competitors, Feenie thought high quality, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly home comfort options would be just what the homeowner needed. Several different HVAC package options are presented to the homeowner to best suit their needs — showcasing the top-of-the-line "Ultimate Upgrade" package. The Ultimate Upgrade package, created by Lennox for Heritage Homes Group, will be offered as an option in every Heritage Home community in 2007. The system contains the Lennox G61V gas furnace, working at 94% efficiency; the XC21 air conditioner; and the HC16 air filtration system, which captures more than 95% of 0.3 micron-sized pollutant particles. "The best part of this solution is that Lennox has provided HVAC system options training to Heritage sales associates, so they can present the most educated and informative explanations about their home comfort choices," said Feenie. "There is even a software tool the sales people can demonstrate HVAC system costs comparisons with energy costs over time. It helps the customer visually see the value in choosing the Ultimate Upgrade." A subsidiary of Lennox International Inc. (NYSE: LII), Lennox Industries Inc. manufactures and distributes its residential and light commercial indoor comfort systems to over 7,000 dealers across North America. For more information, contact Karen O'Shea, vice president, communications and public relations at 972-497-5172. For more information on Heritage Homes Group go to www.ChooseHeritage.com

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