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Stay warm and save!

Want to get better heating performance while lowering monthly energy costs? Follow these tips below to increase your home's heating efficiency:

Choose a system with automatic, precision control

The newest technology will automatically provide just the right amount of heat and airflow to keep your home perfectly comfortable, regardless of the temperature outside. Lennox developed the SLP98V gas furnace with innovative Precise Comfort technology to make automatic adjustments—in increments as small as 1%—for the ultimate temperature control. Custom settings can be selected for effortless year-round comfort.

Take advantage of dual-fuel options

You can enjoy even better efficiency with a gas furnace that's designed to be paired with an electric heat pump. Dual-fuel systems seamlessly alternate between heating with electricity when temperatures are above freezing, and heating with more efficient gas when it's colder outdoors.

The simplest advice: turn it down

Saving energy on your home's heating can be as simple as turning down your thermostat at night or while you're away during the day. Using a programmable thermostat makes it easy. Keeping your thermostat between 68-72°F while you're at home—and lower while you're asleep or away—can help reduce your heating bill dramatically.

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