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Stay Bold Against the Cold

When the temperature drops, your energy use shouldn't go up.

Cold weather can put a strain on your furnace, which can increase the amount you're spending on electricity and/or natural gas. Cold weather can also cause unexpected damage to many parts of your home. Protect yourself all winter long with a few handy tips.

Plug the gap

Air leaks around windows and doors let heat escape every minute of the day. Start with simple solutions like sealing the doorsills. Simple stick-on weather stripping tape is available at most home improvement stores, and can make a huge difference. Also consider caulking windows, or applying a clear, heat-retaining film, to prevent heat loss.

Start at the top

A great deal of heat can be lost through your roof if your attic is not properly insulated. Preserve your comfort and energy efficiency by making sure your attic floor has plenty of insulation, whether it's loose or blow-in fiberglass or rolls of fiberglass batting.

Keep gutters clear

If your gutters are full or obstructed, melting ice and snow cannot drain properly. This can lead to the formation of "ice dams," in which melting water refreezes on your roof and blocks proper drainage. If the water cannot drain, it can often collect under your shingles and cause structural damage over time.

Seal outside holes

Any place where a pipe or cable passes through your roof can be a source of heat loss. Look for areas where pipes from your sump pump, furnace or air conditioner pass through an external wall, and caulk those areas well.

Keep your heating system flowing smoothly

A dirty furnace filter not only makes your furnace work harder, it can lower the temperatures in your home by hindering airflow. Change your filter as recommended by the manufacturer to keep your home comfortable and efficient. Consider replacing your standard air filtration method with a Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16 Media Air Cleaner, the number one professionally installed whole home filtration solution*. It not only traps over 95% of particles down to 0.3 micron**, it can also go up to 1 year between media replacements.

Get professional help

Your home heating system will always operate more efficiently with proper maintenance and service. Contact your local Lennox® Dealer to schedule an appointment for cleaning and servicing of the system. You'll feel more comfortable, and you'll consume less energy.

Consider zoning

To save energy, consider focusing your home heating system on the rooms you use most. With a zoning system like iHarmony® Zoning from Lennox, your home is divided into different areas, or "zones," each with its own thermostat. Motorized doors in your ductwork direct warm air only where it's needed, so you can save energy by only heating the rooms you use most, and closing the doors to those you don't.

  • *Source: Leading consumer magazine, January 2012
  • **One micron = 1/25,000 of an inch in diameter

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