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Share your energy-saving tips and win great summer prizes.

At Lennox®, we are always innovating to create energy-saving heating and cooling products. Helping you stay comfortable and conserve energy is important to us, and we know efficiency is important to you too. 

We love to hear about your fun and inventive home energy-saving tips and ideas. That's why we created the "Energy Savings Superstar" contest, so you could share your ideas with other homeowners and win some really great prizes, too.

Here are some previous "Energy Savings Superstar" winning ideas to help inspire your entry. So good luck, and keep on saving energy.  

You could win some very cool prizes—like up to $10,000 in Lennox HVAC equipment, a year's supply of ice cream and tickets to a water park!

Dim the lights for a candlelit, energy-saving evening

In 2014, Randy Robinson of Pierson, Florida, found this creative way to save energy and get out of the cooking and the cleanup!

"We like to have a candlelight dinner for the family once a week. We turn down the lights and open the windows for a cool breeze. We eat pre-made picnic food on a checkered tablecloth with the candles in the middle. It is not only fun, but also saves energy by turning off the lights and not cooking."

Little Miss Lightening Bug makes energy saving fun

In 2015, Wes Holloman of Pearland, Texas, came up with this brilliant idea to turn energy saving into family fun.Girl turning the light switch

"With five incredible kids, my wife and I share the chores around the house. We always had a hard time coming up with age-appropriate chores for our five-year-old, until a few weeks ago! She is now in charge of going around and making sure all of the lights are turned off before we leave the house. In fact, she is now referred to as our house "LIGHTENING BUG!" It's exciting to know we are teaching her at an early age how to be energy conscious and how to save money on our energy bill each month! I know this tip could save families hundreds of dollars while providing an innovative idea to include every family member in taking care of their home!"

We can't wait to learn more about your innovative energy-saving thoughts and ideas. So write them down and share them with us, and don't forget to send us your pictures. Because if we all work together to help save energy, we can reduce energy consumption and help save our planet, too.

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