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Seasonal home energy tips

Up to 50% of your home utility bill comes from costs associated with heating and cooling. And as the unusually hot temperatures of summer continue into the early months of fall, consumers are looking for more ways to stay cool while saving money on monthly utility bills.

Energy Savings Expert Bobby DiFulgentiz, who recently appeared on San Diego's KUSI-TV/IND (7/19/2012), offers homeowners a few energy and cost-saving tips. View energy savings video.

His tips include:

Performing basic home maintenance

A little preventive maintenance goes a long way. Change your air filter every one to three months to help your home comfort system run more efficiently. It's a simple step that can have a big impact on home energy use.

Making DIY improvements

Keep cool air in and hot air out. Purchase a tube of caulk from your local home improvement store, walk around your home, and seal any visible cracks.

Invest in LED light bulbs. It's a bigger investment up front than a standard light bulb, but you'll save big in the long run—one bulb can last as long as nine years. CFL light bulbs are also a good choice—but less efficient than LED bulbs.

Keeping up with the latest technology

Install a programmable thermostat, like the Lennox iComfort® Wi-Fi thermostat, which keeps temperatures under control from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or laptop to help you to save energy. Remote access, along with a live weather forecast and automatic updates, offers an added level of convenience.

For more information and inexpensive, cost-effective energy-saving tips, visit http://www.itpaystolivesmart.com/.

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