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It was warm just a minute ago…

Prepare your home for Fall's unpredictable cold snaps.

Summer was great while it lasted, but now the colder weather is on the way. In Fall, the temperatures can drop at a moment's notice. Help keep your home consistently comfortable with these helpful Fall tips for fighting unexpected cold snaps.

Don't let cold walk through the front door

Doors are great for people and pets. Unfortunately, cold will also try to sneak in every time a door is opened. And it will try to force its way in through leaking seals around your doors even when they're closed. Replace worn or insufficient weatherstripping to preserve the barrier between cold and comfort.

Don't let messy weather walk all over your house

When cold weather hits unexpectedly, the change in temperatures can often bring rain. Compound that with the large assortment of leaves on the lawn, and you have a recipe for a dirty floor. Try placing a mat inside the front door to help keep rain, leaves and even unexpected snow from being tracked all throughout your home.

Make sure your furnace is in shape

The best time to repair or maintain your furnace or heat pump is before you really need it. Schedule an appointment with a trusted HVAC professional to get a system checkup, to make sure you're squared away before it becomes an emergency.

Performing a system check will also make sure your furnace, air handler, heat pump or air conditioner are all ready for the up-and-down temperatures that Fall can bring, as the weather goes back and forth between wet, dry, hot and cold.

Caulking gun graphicGet out the caulking gun

Small holes can mean small air leaks. And small air leaks are all it takes to let the warmth inside your home escape into the wild. Caulk small holes and cracks yourself, or find a local handyman to give you a hand. Pay close attention to areas around doors and windows, where weathered wood can start to break down.

Clear the way for melting water

Fall is a great time to clean gutters and downspouts. By creating a clear path for melting water to escape later on in winter, you can prevent the formation of ice blockages that can weigh down gutters and damage shingles.

Let your furnace breathe

Your air handler or furnace is going to be working overtime as the weather gets colder. Make sure it has unrestricted airflow with a clean furnace filter. Drier winter weather can also produce more dust, so checking your filter now will help keep your air cleaner as the seasons change.

Don't get hosed

Before the cold weather arrives, it's smart to disconnect your hoses from outside faucets. If they're connected during freezing temperatures, the ice inside can expand and cause damage to the hoses and even your pipes. For an extra layer of protection, shut off the water supply to each faucet, drain the pipe and add an insulated faucet protector to hold in heat and stop ice from forming.

It's the humidity

If you have a whole-home humidifier, Fall is the perfect time to check the pad, and replace it if necessary. That way, you're ready to fight off static shocks and damage to your furnishings before they start.

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