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Give your space the home field advantage

The big game's coming up fast, and you've invited a house full. Now it's time to make sure guests are comfortable, your space is inviting and there's plenty of food on deck so everyone—including you—can relax and have a good time. We've gathered a few pointers to help you jazz up your entertaining space while ensuring every guest is comfortable.

Square away the details

Make sure your television can be seen from all angles, without any glare from windows. Before sending out invites, check to ensure the game you're watching is on a channel your television provider airs. If you're planning on serving pizza during a big game, call ahead and ask how far in advance you will need to order so guests don't wind up waiting on food when they're hungry. Finally, stock your freezer with plenty of bags of ice, keep enough cups and plates on hand for food and beverages and buy all food ingredients a few days ahead to avoid last-minute trips to the store.

Simplify your party plan

Your guests are coming for the party, not because they want to see how clean you keep your home. Choose a signature drink to avoid overbuying beverages, and offer one or two alternatives. Set everything out on a table, including ice, cups, silverware and napkins. Create a snack assortment in the main area and invite guests to serve themselves "buffet style."

Let the guests do some of the heavy lifting

It's awkward for everyone when guests arrive early, or even first. But most are happy to pitch in—helping out with party preparation is much more relaxing than small talk. Give them trays to carry to the table, have them fill cups with ice, or ask them to "taste test" a few of the recipes.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Your guests will be sitting around the big screen for a long time. Make sure to offer plenty of comfortable seating, with extra pillows, blankets, beanbags and cushions on hand to make more room in a pinch—and accommodate any special comfort requests.

Find the right temperature

Research shows most people are comfortable in a room where the temperature is set between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. But basements, garages and patio rooms—areas perfect for setting up events for large, potentially rowdy crowds—can be prone to temperature fluctuations. A Lennox® mini-split ductless heat pump or mini split ductless air conditioner offers a versatile, energy-efficient solution. Lennox' garage heaters provide reliable warmth for any size garage or utility area, regardless of outside weather conditions.

Final step: Enjoy!

With all the details set and the pre-game work complete, it's time to kick back with your friends to enjoy the game.  

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