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Enjoy the beauty of spring, inside

Spring is just around the corner, and warmer weather means spending more time outdoors. But March is also the perfect time to freshen up your home and brighten up rooms. Let the beauty of the season be your inspiration.

Add a vase of colorful flowers.

There's simply no easier way to add beauty to a room than with flowers, and they needn't be expensive or fussy. The forsythia is an early blooming shrub that signals spring's arrival with its bright yellow flowers. Arrange a few branches in a Mason jar to add a splash of sunshine to your kitchen, bedroom or even your bathroom. Changing the water daily will make the blooms last even longer.

Switch out heavy drapes and bedding.

Flannel sheets, down comforters and velvet drapes helped keep your home warm and cozy throughout the colder months. But now that the temperatures are rising, lightweight cotton and linen options are more appropriate. Switch out a heavy comforter for a lighter coverlet and a throw. As the season changes, you can easily add or remove a layer to stay comfortable without adjusting the thermostat.

Apply a fresh coat of paint.

Painting can be an easy and low-cost way to update any room. Lighter shades will brighten up the area and reflect more light, allowing you to take advantage of more natural light and save electricity. A combination paint-and-primer can reduce the number of coats you'll need, especially if you're painting over a darker color. Choose one with a low- or zero-VOC rating to avoid toxic fumes.

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Refresh your indoor air.

Tightly sealed homes are great at keeping cold air out, but they can start to feel stuffy after a long winter. Yet if anyone in your household suffers from allergies, opening the windows just isn't an option when the spring pollen count is at its peak. Healthy Climate® ventilation systems offer an easy, effective solution. They take in fresh outdoor air for circulation, while expelling the odors and pollutants that can make indoor air feel stale.

Let in the sunlight.

With more daylight every week, spring is a great time to clean your windows and trim the surrounding trees and shrubbery to let in as much light as possible. Use the opportunity to clean indoor light fixtures as well, swapping out incandescent bulbs for more energy-efficient CFLs. Adding a large mirror not only makes a room seem larger, but also reflects existing light sources, allowing you to use less electricity. Choose curtains in light, neutral colors like white and beige to let in more sunlight.

Clean out the clutter.

When you're spending a lot of time indoors, it's easy for clutter to build up in every part of the house. Take an afternoon to sort through items, donating housewares and gently worn clothes to a local charity, or organizing a yard sale with a neighbor. Send old magazines and catalogs to the recycling bin and switch your magazine subscriptions to their digital editions. This not only reduces clutter, but also lets you access your favorite articles when you find yourself waiting for an appointment.

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