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Cozy up to indoor comfort

When the days grow shorter and temperatures drop below 40º F, our natural instinct is to hibernate indoors. Here are some tips to make your winter retreat cozy and comfortable.

Light a fire

When winter weather reaches a deep freeze, there's nothing like thawing out in front of the breathtaking glow and soothing crackle of a warm fire. Move your sofa and chairs closer to the fireplace during winter months to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Create a "cocoon" effect

Surround yourself with rich, comforting textures like sheepskin, wool, velour and faux fur—in the form of throws, pillows and floor coverings. For a nostalgic feel, add cable-knit wools, cotton flannels and fleecy fabrics to encourage snuggling with little ones or your significant other.

Add a little mood lighting

Extra lamps and incandescent lighting can add cheer and ambiance to overcast, gray days. On brighter days, open the curtains to bring the sun's radiant warmth inside. Don't forget to create a cozy, well-lit corner for snuggling up with a good book—one of the joys of nesting indoors during winter months.

Appeal to your senses

Create a sensory experience with nostalgic winter stimuli. Scents of warm vanilla and spicy cinnamon—a fresh-baked pie, for example—instantly evoke feelings of comfort and warmth. Adding mirrors to walls captures the reflection of the sun shining into the room and mimics the sparkle of snowflakes. Elements of nature, like a bundle of firewood or pine branches, enhance the cozy atmosphere and provide a deeper connection to nature.

Find the right temperature

Feel perfectly comfortable at home with a high-efficiency heating system, like the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection SLP98V. Not only will you save energy; you'll save on monthly utility bills, too. Preset temps with the sophisticated icomfort Touch® Touchscreen Thermostat for days of automatic comfort control.

Create a spa getaway

Turn your lavatory into a luxurious retreat. Draw a warm bath, add bath salts or bubbles, dim the lights, and… viola! You're ready to relax.

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