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From the outside, you may not realize when a family is going without a properly functioning heating or cooling system. They continue to live their lives as best they can, which includes putting their families and local communities first, and themselves second. These caring, hard-working individuals are the neighbors in your community who need to Feel The LoveTM in their home.

During the first weekend in October, 230 neighbors-in-need received a new Lennox system as part of Lennox' annual Feel The Love Installation Weekend. This year, more than 200 Lennox® dealers partnered with local communities across 43 states and provinces to change lives and bring comfort to those in-need. In addition to installing new HVAC equipment, volunteers spent time with these families doing projects around the home, preparing for the holidays, and sharing stories. 

Learn more about some of this year's recipients and how Feel The Love impacted their lives:

The Groseclose Family - Vacaville, CA 
Denay Groseclose has been fighting Stage 4 ovarian cancer over the past year and has undergone multiple treatments and surgeries. Her 2-year-old daughter has also been suffering from ovarian cysts. Her husband Joshua is the only family member able to work, and they've been dealing with a challenging HVAC system. Greiner Heating, Air Conditioning & Solar Energy Inc. came out earlier this year to repair the system, but it broke again a few days later. Knowing what the family had been through, Greiner nominated the family for Feel The Love. 

During Installation Weekend, Greiner partnered with Gold Star Installation and together they air-sealed the attic, added new duct work, replaced all the equipment and patched sheetrock. They also built a brand new playhouse for the family's girls to enjoy. 

Click here to read more of the Groseclose family's story.

Jimmy Bradley - New Haven, CT 
Jimmy Bradley was a local ice cream truck driver for 40 years. It was well-known that Jimmy would buy ice cream, with money from his own pocket, for children who couldn't afford it. During Feel The Love weekend, Viglione Heating and Cooling installed a new furnace for Jimmy while local contractors and volunteers fixed up his home and cleaned up his basement. 

Click here for more of Jimmy's story. 

The Abendschein Family - Peyton, CO
The Abendschein family was expecting a baby and decided to settle down and purchase a home in Peyton, Colorado. It was an older home, and most of the home's systems were as old as the home, including the heater. When their baby was born at 37 weeks weighing just 4 pounds 14 ounces, all the money that was meant to fix the house went to NICU bills instead. 

During Installation Weekend, HVAC Solutions installed a new furnace and thermostat, and they provided the materials, permits and other items necessary so the family can stay warm this winter. 

Click here to read more of the Abendschein family's story. 

These are just a few of the lives impacted during Feel The Love weekend. Visit Feel The Love on Facebook to learn more about this year's recipients and to receive updates around 2020 nominations. 

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