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Creating the Perfect Staycation

Unwind with Yoga at Home

Looking to de-stress and let your mind wander? Your temperature zen is just a touch away thanks to Lennox. Create a yoga studio right in your living room and take time to re-focus and clear your mind. Once you've completed your yoga, check out other ways you can learn to feel less stressed at home. Whether you're incorporating a new color or design scheme into your home or curating a relaxing playlist, you'll wrap your Staycation feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Bring the Great Outdoors Indoors

Create new memories with your family in the comfort of your own home. Gather your favorite blankets and pillows to create the ultimate indoor tent to "camp" in for the night. Be sure to decorate your tent with twinkling lights and stuffed animals to make it feel even more like you're camping outdoors. You'll enjoy a climate-controlled camping experience thanks to Lennox while you tell spooky stories, play your favorite games and enjoy an indoor s'mores-inspired treat or two. Consider making your "camping trip" an annual occasion that your family can look forward to each year. 

Create the Perfect Movie Night

Bring the cinema and your friends into your home for the perfect movie night. Lennox will create a movie-viewing environment that's so comfortable, you'll forget that you're on your own couch until the credits start rolling. Grab your friends and family and create a spread of your favorite popcorn, candy and make-at-home snacks to enjoy - especially if you're planning a double feature. Be sure to grab your coziest blankets and pillows to make sure everyone is watching the movie comfortably. Now you just need to decide what movie to view!

Ready to start planning your next Staycation? Consider these additional ideas to create the perfect getaway without leaving your home. 

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