Product Specifications

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) Not Applicable
Filtration Levels: Larger Particles
Filtration Levels: Larger Particles Not Applicable
Filtration Levels: Finer Particles
Filtration Levels: Finer Particles Not Applicable
Whole-Home Application
Whole-Home Application Yes: Whole-Home Application
Ozone No ozone emissions
HVAC System Compatibility
HVAC System Compatibility All HVAC system types
Filter Life
Filter Life Not Applicable
Lamp Life
Lamp Life 12 Months rated
Electrical Rating
Electrical Rating 24V: 24 watts 24V-1ph-50/60hz; 41W: 41 watts (82 watts for dual lamp) 110/230V-1ph-50/60hz; UV1000: 120V.46 amps - 56 watts; UV2000: 120V .9 amps - 108 watts
Replacement Filter Options
Replacement Filter Options Not Applicable
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components*
Legal * 1-year limited warranty on covered components when used in non-residential applications.
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