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You deserve a better thermostat. And now you can have one.

For years, the thermostat was just a box on the wall that turned your home heating and air conditioning system on and off.  It was practically invisible to everyone except Dad and your HVAC dealer. But that's all changed.

Now, thermostats are evolving into sophisticated home comfort computers that offer convenience and enhanced control with your comfort. If your thermostat doesn't give you all 10 of these features, it may be time to treat yourself to an upgrade.

Meet the iComfort® Wi-Fi Flex.

The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex was designed by Lennox to provide homeowners with an integrated life accessory, not just a thermostat. The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex delivers, using a connection to your home's Wi-Fi network to give you greater convenience, control and energy savings than anything that's come before. And you'll be pleased to know, it probably works with the system you already own. 

Compatible with your needs, and your system

Unlike the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi® touchscreen thermostat, which is designed to be paired with premium Lennox® equipment, the iComfort Wi-Fi Flex model can work with other brands of heating and cooling equipment. So no matter what type of system you have, you can enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home.

Temperature control

This is pretty much what you'd expect every thermostat to do, and the iComfort Wi-Fi Flex does it well.  A simple touch of the screen and the temperature goes up and down according to your wishes.  But the iComfort Wi-Fi Flex takes it a few steps further.

App integration

Add the iComfort app to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device and suddenly, you have a remote link to your thermostat from anywhere in the world.  So you can check your home temperature from the office, from your favorite vacation spot, or on your way home from date night with your spouse.

Change the temperature from anywhere.  Even the couch.

The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex's remote capabilities let you do more than just monitor your temperature.  Let's say you're coming home from a business trip.  While you were away, the weather got considerably colder, and after a long day of traveling, you'd really like to come home to a nice, warm, cozy living room. 

The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex makes that happen.  Just pull out your smartphone, access the iComfort app, and voila.  You can adjust the thermostat to any temperature you'd like via cloud connectivity.  But it's not just travelers who'll appreciate this feature. 

Let's say it's the perfect Sunday afternoon, and you're nearly asleep on the couch.  You're lying in a ray of sunlight streaming through the window.  And frankly, everything would be perfect if it was just a little cooler in here.  You don't have to get up and change the thermostat and risk disturbing the cat.  Just reach for your phone.

Simplified schedule programming with sophisticated results

Believe it or not, your heating and air conditioning system can account for more than half of your home's energy use.  So running your heating and cooling system on a preprogrammed schedule is one of the best ways to save energy. 

The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex makes it incredibly easy to set a schedule that corresponds to your life and your family.  Seriously, what's the point of heating and cooling a house when nobody is there to feel it?  Just use the intuitive graphic interface to tell the iComfort Wi-Fi Flex when you need heating and cooling, and when you don't.  Bam, you're saving energy.

Extra energy savings with just a touch

Life doesn't always follow your schedule.  If you find yourself having to leave the house when you normally wouldn't, simply touch the iComfort Wi-Fi Flex's One-Touch Away Mode button, and the system goes into a reduced-use energy-saving mode. 

You then have the option of resuming your heating and cooling schedule manually when you return, or restarting it before you get home via the iComfort app on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Reminders and Alerts

Regular service and regular filter changes are two of the most important things you can do to preserve your comfort, and the performance and efficiency of your home comfort system.  The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex can be programmed to remind you to do these things automatically, so you're always getting the most from your system.

Weather updates and alerts for your area

Want to know what to expect outside today?  Just ask your iComfort Wi-Fi Flex.  It uses your Wi-Fi network to display weather reports, forecasts and alerts for your area.

Automatic Updates

What good is an advanced thermostat if it's out-of-date in a year?  The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex stays current by downloading its own software and firmware updates through your Wi-Fi network.  So you always have the latest and greatest.

A bright, high-definition color touchscreen.

Plastic dials and little buttons are so old school.  Now, your thermostat can be as beautiful and stylish as the rest of your home.  The iComfort Wi-Fi Flex offers you a bright, full-color touchscreen, animated graphics and a sleek and stylish form factor that blends with any décor.

If you'd like to learn more about the ways the iComfort Wi-Fi Flex can make your life more comfortable and convenient, contact your local Lennox Dealer.

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