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Let Your House Do the Work

Home automation makes your life automatically easier.

Technology is supposed to make things simpler. But sometimes it seems that the only thing our smartphones and constant connections do is make us busier.  It's time to take convenience back from technology, and put some intelligent technology to work simplifying our lives.

There are a surprising number of devices out there designed to streamline your day, every day.

Wireless lighting control

Most of us are already familiar with the old light-on-a-timer. It's a great way to make your house seem occupied when you're away. But with the advent of Wi-Fi-connected plugs and outlets that are smartphone-controlled, automated lighting can add a new layer of convenience when you're home, as well. Forgot to turn off the lights downstairs? Grab your smartphone and turn them off. Sitting down to a movie? Adjust the lights to a dim, TV-friendly level with just a touch.

The house follows your every move

Another convenient automation solution that saves energy without getting in your way is the use of motion detection lights. While you may have seen them used in driveways for a while now, they're a smart solution for indoors as well. Walk into a room and the lights come on. Leave, and they go off. Bam, you're saving energy.

Security, made more secure

Did you remember to lock the front door? Is the garage door closed? Are you sure? These questions have all but disappeared with the increasing popularity of electronic door monitoring. A quick glance at your smartphone will tell you if you've left something open or up. With a touch, you can close or open doors at will.

Go key free

Many electronic lock solutions take the key out of the equation, substituting a numeric keypad instead. Since you know the combination to lock and unlock the door, you'll never be locked out again.

Master the sun itself

Lighting control doesn't always have to involve the illumination that comes from bulbs and lamps. Automatic window blinds can have a dramatic effect on the mood of each room, and even your energy savings. They can be programmed to open and close to block glaring sunlight during certain times of day or close at night to conserve heat.

Comfort and savings on demand

One of the easiest and most efficient home automation solutions you can install is a programmable thermostat. By running your air conditioning and heating on a schedule, you can save money by not heating and cooling when the house is empty. You can also save money by running your heating and cooling system on a more energy-efficient schedule at night, when you're asleep. Thermostats like the iComfort Wi-Fi® even add additional features like live weather forecasts and remote adjustment via smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device.

Watch what happens

While your home may be running itself, you can still keep an eye on things. Security cameras are more popular than ever, especially those that enable remote viewing via the internet. It's easy to watch the interior and exterior of your home from anywhere, and many cameras even allow you to tilt and pan to see more of your home remotely.

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