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Comfort on the go

Whether you're commuting, traveling or just keeping up with the daily hustle and bustle, comfort is essential to making the most of the experience. Here are few tips to help you relax during those long stretches:

Catch some Z's

A little sleep can go a long way when you're on the road: Take along a neck pillow, an eye mask and even a travel blanket for maximum comfort. Pull over when weary for a nap at the rest stop; If you're flying, catch some zzz's in the air to whittle the time away. Bonus: You'll arrive at your destination well rested and ready to go.

Dress for the occasion

When you're on the road and it's time to relax, a few extra items will help you dress accordingly. Pack a favorite pair of socks (for cold nights in hotel rooms) or an extra pair of comfortable shoes (to follow a long day spent in heels).

Bring the noise

Nothing can put you in relaxation mode faster than a favorite song. Load your playlist with plenty of tunes, or download a few books on tape if that's more your speed. You'll stay entertained while passing the time—all while invigorating your mind and lifting your mood.

Snack it up

Traveling (or showing up to work) on an empty stomach can bring on discomfort, distraction and depletion. When hunger strikes, skip the fast food to avoid sluggishness (and empty calories). Instead, opt for healthier snacks like protein-packed peanuts, cheese, fruit and whole grain crackers. Drink plenty of water to stay refreshed and alert.


Staying cramped in a car, or on a bus, train or plane for more than an hour can really take a toll on your comfort. If you're in flight, stand up every couple hours and walk. On long car trips, pull over and take a walk at a rest stop or park. Stretch your legs, back, neck and calves to relieve aching muscles and encourage circulation and flexibility.

Return to a comfortable home

The days of set-it-and-forget-it home comfort control are over. Newer thermostats, like Lennox' iComfort Wi-Fi® touchscreen thermostat, let users control their home's temperature from a smart a phone, tablet or other web-enabled device-from anywhere in the world. A built-in One Touch Away mode allows homeowners to override personal schedules for increased comfort and energy savings, helping them to achieve the perfect temperature before they arrive home.

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