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New advertising campaign brings Lennox® innovation to life

When it comes to perfecting your home, there's no better choice than Lennox® products, which are the quietest, most efficient and most capable heating and cooling systems on Earth. This is the idea conveyed in Lennox' new advertising campaign called What Perfect Feels Like.

The Idea

If you own a Lennox system, you know what perfect feels like. It's the cool airflow in your home on a hot summer's day or the comforting warmth you enjoy when it's bitterly cold outside. Knowing what perfect feels like is one thing, but showing what perfect feels like is quite another. That's the challenge Lennox set for itself, and then reached out to the world's art community through the #lennoxartproject to help with the visual interpretation.

The executions

The advertising campaign centered around three of Lennox's product benefits: quietness, energy efficiency, and technology innovation. Here are two of the executions and a look behind the scenes to see how the commercials were made.

Perfectly quiet

Lennox makes the quietest system you can find, so even though it's the most powerful force in your home, it won't sound like it is. To illustrate this idea, Lennox used a team of artists and muralists to create a powerful, but sleepy, dragon-themed campaign.

Perfectly efficient

Lennox makes the most energy-efficient system you can find, which means the appliance you use the most will also save you the most. To visually convey this idea, Lennox used a team of artists and muralists to transform a home into a realistic looking, money-saving vault.

Lennox brings innovation and creativity together

To learn more about the #lennoxartproject campaign, follow Lennox on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. And to find out more about Lennox and its full range of HVAC systems and products, visit lennox.com.       

Air conditioners/heat pumps have sound ratings established per AHRI's test standard: AHRI 270-08. XP17 has the lowest sound rating of any single-stage air conditioner of any major U.S. brand of air conditioner equipment. Efficiency claim based on comparison of single-stage air conditioner products' SEER as published in AHRI in June 2015. The XC17 has a maximum rated efficiency of 18.00 SEER.

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