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Like the air we breathe, inspiration is all around.

At Lennox, our dedication to the pursuit of perfect air is most evident in our research and development labs, where our new products take shape.

At the same time, we recognize that the next brilliant idea may not come from a testing environment. So we've stepped outside our labs and looked to nature for inspiration. Specifically, we set our sights on the Toronto Zoo.

Comfort in harsh climates

Polar bears have evolved in unique ways to adapt to harsh climates, offering important insights on how to become more energy efficient. Explore the possibilities:

A cool habitat for polar bears

Curators at the Toronto Zoo have created an arctic-like habitat that keeps polar bears cool, happy and healthy, even during the summer. See for yourself here:

Nature and technology in beautiful harmony

The Toronto Zoo's collection of exotic butterflies requires an environment with consistently high temperatures and humidity levels. Learn how the zoo's curators combine technology with natural energy sources to replicate a tropical climate:

Science of biomimicry

The methods used by butterflies to convert heat from the sun into usable energy are helping scientists gain a deeper understanding of solar energy's potential. Learn about this "biomimicry":

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