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2020 Trendspotting: The Future of Air

With the start of a new decade, there's a lot of talk about the future – the future of homes, the future of building materials, the future of energy. But what about the future of air?

At Lennox, we keep a pulse on HVAC industry trends. Even more than that, we apply those trends to innovate our product line and deliver perfect air to homeowners. Rooted in industry resources and data, here are a few of the trends shaping the future of air. 

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We're 15 years past the new construction boom of the early 2000s, and many HVAC systems are due for replacement. Ideally, you should replace your unit when it's 11-20 years old, which means homeowners will soon start to feel the effects of aging equipment.

More than one-third of recent HVAC buyers considered their purchase an emergency. Do''t get caught making a quick decision in the middle of summer as you swelter without A/C. Start your research early to find the best HVAC system and contractor that can provide your perfect level of comfort. 

We know these purchases are big decisions, so we developed a suite of products with lasting benefits. Our Dave Lennox Signature Collection offers supreme efficiency and performance – perfect for those unwilling to settle for anything less than extraordinary.


Consumers want environmentally friendly products in the home. In fact, 75% of people who recently purchased an HVAC system said they will pay more for an environmentally friendly product.

Energy efficiency is also the main reason homeowners purchase a programmable thermostat – 67% reported saving on energy costs. Not only are we concerned about taking care of the environment, but these sustainability efforts also have an impact on our wallets. This means efficiency is one trend that's here to stay. 

At Lennox, we're doing our part to help. We've consistently offered the most efficient furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps available and offer more Energy Star rated heating and cooling products than our competition. Our Ultimate Comfort System is the most efficient system you can buy and creates unprecedented whole-home comfort that's perfectly tuned to your home. We also expanded our ultra-low emissions gas furnace line to meet new California state regulations for emission reduction. Now, we offer four furnaces that meet California state regulations – more than any other HVAC company.  

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Smart home technology has evolved significantly over the last five years and will continue to do so. Of those who recently purchased an HVAC system, 25% have home thermostats that are smart, internet-enabled and programmable. This is up from just 14% in 2016. 

As homeowners continue to see the value of smart technology and invest in it for their own homes, it's important for them to include the air conditioner or furnace in their consideration set. The smartest, most efficient, most precise heating and cooling systems are the ones that include smart thermostats with smart equipment. An example of such a system is our Dave Lennox Signature collection of products, coupled with the Lennox iComfort® S30 smart thermostat.


According to the EPA, people spend about 90% of their time indoors. We also found that one-quarter of HVAC buyers rate their indoor air quality as moderate to poor. 

The air you breathe can affect every aspect of your life, including quality of sleep, mood, energy levels, mental health and productivity. We developed a full line of Healthy Climate® indoor air quality products such as the PureAir and PureAir S air purification systems that address all common pollutants and help you breathe better.

At Lennox, we're on a mission to improve the way people feel about the air in their homes. As we continue to analyze new data from 2019 and create new technologies to condition air, product innovation will remain top of mind to help every homeowner find their personal degree of perfection.

Blog by John Whinery
Vice President of Product Management, Lennox

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