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The Secret is in the Air

My house is my sanctuary. It's where I go to relax, decompress and chill out. In my quest to create the perfect refuge, I've surrounded myself with candles, essential oils and other such stress reducing items. My house smelled great, but my surroundings weren't always perfect.

Take a stroll through a local department store and it's easy to see the business of relaxation and creating a perfect environment sure is booming. Candle labels promise to bring "balance and harmony" to any room. Himalayan salt lamps claim to alleviate all kinds of symptoms from anxiety to asthma. How about an electric head massager for "holographic brain therapy" to help you relax? 

I don't have any idea what holographic brain therapy is, but I do know what makes a room really perfect for relaxation, because I've been focused on it for nearly a decade. Ready for the big secret? It's air. To be precise, it's perfect air. 

It seems really simple and is very easy to overlook because air is in abundant supply and we can't see it. Unless we sense a problem, air often gets forgotten. It's basic and yet totally essential to everything else we do. Think about how much time, effort and money people spend on all kinds of things to make their homes comfy and inviting. What if they spent time rethinking the air? Would home be even better? 

Most people already know about the health benefits of having clean indoor air and why that's so important. The heating and air conditioning industry has made huge strides in improving quality. But I invite you to look beyond that and rethink air as a mode of comfort, much like you would a soft rug beneath your feet. 

We should and can expect more from the air in our homes because we have the control to make it perfect. And when it's perfect, we feel better and can be more productive. Cooking, entertaining, and even sleeping is better when the environment is comfortable. And when other family members are enjoying their own perfect air temperature at the same time in another room, that's harmony I doubt any candle could create.   

The serene and healthy environment we all crave for our homes is something we're excited to talk about in our new ad campaign released today. We're in constant pursuit of perfect air because we believe everyone deserves it. 

Join us in the pursuit of perfect air. 

Blog by Kim McGill

VP of Marketing of Lennox Residential

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