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This Valentine's Day, put your brain into your heart

Explore a few romantic and innovative ways to make this February 14th even more memorable. Here are some sweet ideas for a special Valentine's Day.

Take something off their list

Does your special someone have a chore they do every day, but hate doing? Give them a few days off. Don't make a big deal about it, just do it. Feed the dog in the morning. Empty the dishwasher. Wash the car. Handle bath time and story time by yourself. Because nothing says "I love you" like a break.

Back in time

Surprise them with a visit to the first place you met. Go on a long walk, hold hands, and talk about how far you've come together. If it's a restaurant, order the same thing you ordered back then.

Make beautiful music

A surprise romantic playlist for the car or office can let them know you're thinking about them when you're apart. Leave it on their music player without telling them, or leave them a sweetly worded clue to check their tunes for something special.

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Make it from scratch

Does he or she have a favorite entrée or dessert? Try making it yourself. Maybe you're an accomplished cook, maybe you'll make a smoldering disaster in the kitchen. Either way, it's a romantic gesture they'll appreciate. And it if ends up truly inedible, you can always dash out for carryout from their favorite restaurant.

Say it with pizza

Do you two have a favorite pizza place? Get a pie to go on the way home from work. But ask the restaurant to arrange the toppings in a heart shape for an extra romantic touch.

Set up a scavenger hunt

A little playful romantic adventure can put a lot of sparkle in his or her eyes. Start the scavenger hunt with a simple clue that leads them to another clue, and then another, and so on. Hide clues among things that are important or sentimental to the both of you. The last clue can take them to a sweet, though not necessarily expensive, romantic gift.

Handmade gifts and cards

Buying them something for Valentine's Day is sweet. Making something is even sweeter. Whether it's a card, an item of clothing or any other type of gift, putting your own thought and effort into it will make it far more special and meaningful.

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