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Build a Sustainable Tomorrow

Innovate at Lennox

At Lennox, our mission goes beyond simply creating innovative HVAC and climate-control products; we're committed to forging a brighter, more sustainable future through cutting-edge solutions. As we push the boundaries of what's possible, we invite passionate engineers to join us at the forefront of technological advancement. Here, your expertise will not only contribute to groundbreaking advancements in sustainability but also shape the future of energy-efficient products. Join Lennox, where your career propels us closer to a better world, powered by state-of-the-art, sustainable solutions.

 Build a Sustainable Tomorrow
Our Engineering Teams

Engineering Teams at Lennox

Driven by engineering excellence, innovation is displayed through our products, services, and operations.

Our engineers spearhead cutting-edge technologies focused on elevated comfort and sustainable climate solutions through concepts that will enhance efficiency, improve reliability, and decarbonize HVAC systems. Advanced technology is a cornerstone in our pursuit of innovation and sustainability.

Evident in products like the award-winning S40 Smart Thermostat, our controls and software engineers engineers drive the efficiency of our custom comfort smart technologies. Collaborating with teams across Lennox, these innovative ideas shape the future of comfort and climate solutions.

Our industry-leading products are the core of Lennox. Our engineers ensure that all our Commercial and Residential HVAC equipment meets regulations and provides sustainable, quality comfort to customers.

Our Technology

Drive Innovation in Climate-Control Solutions with Us

Elevate the future of climate-control technology with our leading-edge, high-efficiency heating, cooling, and refrigeration solutions. Specializing in both residential and commercial sectors, we integrate the latest mobile technology to deliver superior comfort and climate control. Our product range, from smart air conditioners to advanced indoor air quality systems, sets new benchmarks in sustainability and performance. Join us to lead in developing cutting edge, sustainable technology. 

Residential Equipment & Controls

Our residential HVAC solutions set the industry standard for energy-efficient solutions that transform home comfort. 

Commercial Equipment & Controls

Our commercial HVAC solutions, from rooftop units to VRF systems and indoor air quality innovations, are custom-designed for optimal comfort in retail, educational, and other commercial spaces.

Refrigeration Products

Our top-tier refrigeration products are all crafted through groundbreaking innovation to meet the demands of the most rigorous operating environments.  

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Our Technology

As part of our commitment to building a better world, we're focused on developing cutting edge, sustainable solutions to increase heating and cooling efficiency. Heat pumps are one technology paving the way forward, and we’re prepared to lead the way.