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Lennox and Movember. Raising awareness with some guys we know.

Every year, Lennox proudly supports the Movember Foundation in its efforts to raise awareness and funding for men's health issues. During this time, Lennox employees form moustache-growing teams to raise donations and awareness for the causes that the Movember Foundation supports.

Lennox also supports Movember annually with a dedicated social media campaign, during which every share or like means a donation to the Movember Foundation. Last year's campaign focused on using manliness and humor to broach an often– uncomfortable topic. This year, however, Lennox is taking a different approach.

True stories of guys we know

This year's campaign will help spread awareness of the health and mental health issues that men face by drawing upon the real-world experiences of Lennox dealers, employees of Lennox corporate offices, and their families. The campaign is called "I Know A Guy," and it proudly takes an honest, from-the-heart approach to the issue of keeping men healthy.

Why "I Know A Guy?"

This campaign idea seemed like a natural fit. After all, "I know a guy" is a fairly universal response when someone asks about getting repairs or service for their home heating and cooling system. Because most of us know a guy who can help, it's the most natural way to refer someone to a solution you trust.

The Guys

To make this campaign happen, Lennox began by sending out emails to every Lennox employee and Lennox dealer asking them if they or someone they knew had experienced a men's health challenge. From this collection of responses, Lennox chose the most inspiring, heartwarming or emotional stories to help spread the message.

The families

Lennox dealers weren't the only ones to respond to the request for stories. Many of their family members had inspiring or touching stories of their own about guys they knew who had battled health issues, including fathers, brothers, uncles and sons. These stories were also featured in the campaign.

Your role in our campaign

The "I Know A Guy" campaign is going to be published exclusively on Lennox social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Instagram. Every time a Lennox Movember social media post is shared or liked, Lennox will donate $2 to the Movember Foundation. So if you want to help, simply follow Lennox social media, and share Movember posts to generate donations. It's just that easy. You're also encouraged to form your own moustache-growing team to raise money for the cause at the Movember Foundation website. We know you want to help!

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