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The Internet is a tremendous resource offering access to a wealth of information on virtually any product or service. While we recommend using the Internet for researching heating and air conditioning, we strongly urge you to be wary of sites offering such products for direct sale. These sites will require you to arrange for installation yourself and do not include any labor warranty coverage on your purchase.

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Risks of purchasing equipment online

Heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as indoor air quality equipment, are intended to be installed by qualified professionals only. In order to function safely and properly, they must be designed specifically for your home. These systems include electrical, gas, and refrigeration connections, which are regulated by a variety of laws, building codes, or guidelines. Failure to properly install a system can lead not only to performance issues, but also safety concerns or property damage. Warranty coverage may also be affected, due to improper installation.

Given the complexities of an HVAC system, Lennox requires those who sell our products to install them for their customers, and provide at a minimum the first year's labor warranty. A website that offers to sell you Lennox equipment without including the installation and first year's labor warranty is violating our terms and conditions and may not be a legitimate Lennox Dealer. As a result, we recommend you purchase Lennox products only from independent Lennox Dealers.

Why It's Important to Avoid Use of Alternate Refrigerants in HVAC Systems

Over the past few years, the home comfort industry has been working to phase out the production of the cooling refrigerant known as R‑22. However, in early 2012, recent changes to government regulations regarding this transition have created uncertainty in the marketplace, and prices for R‑22 have dramatically increased as a result.

In response to rising prices, many refrigerant manufacturers have stepped up their marketing efforts for several "alternate" refrigerants, claiming they are cost-effective "drop-in" replacements for R‑22. The three most popular are R‑407C, R‑438A (also known as ISCEON M099) and R‑422.

The problems associated with these alternate refrigerants are many:

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  1. Alternate refrigerants are NOT compatible with mineral oil. All Lennox® and Aire-Flo® nitrogen-charged "dry" units contain mineral oil lubricant. Using alternative refrigerants to service R‑22 mineral oil units can have detrimental effects on the operation of the unit.
  2. The use of alternate refrigerant in systems containing mineral oil as their lubricant voids the manufacturer and compressor warranty.
  3. The use of alternate refrigerants in other R‑22 systems containing polyester oil (POE) can lead to performance loss (capacity and energy efficiency), temperature glide variations, and some combinations will be more detrimental to the environment than R‑22.

Given all the risks, Lennox does not support the use of alternate refrigerants at this time. It is important that you carefully consider the issues associated with their use, including the nullification of your manufacturer and compressor warranty. Before allowing a technician to service your HVAC equipment, we encourage you to get involved and urge your technician to only replace R‑22 with R‑22.

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