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Frost Home - Terre Haute, Indiana

Success Stories - Frost Home - Terre Haute Indiana

Would you like solar with that?

When Terre Haute, Indiana, residents Bret and Karrin Frost contacted local HVAC contractor Paitson Bros. to replace their outdated furnace and air conditioner, they were offered an option they never expected.

“I suggested our highest-efficiency system, and then I asked them, ‘Do you want this with or without solar?’” said Paitson Bros. owner Jeff Paitson.

Reducing their carbon footprint

Interested in keeping their environmental footprint small, the Frosts had been researching solar energy options for their 3,300-square-foot, two-story Cape Cod about five months prior to Paitson’s visit. But they had no idea a solar energy option was available in the form of a solar-powered HVAC system.

“We found this intriguing, both from an energy-saving standpoint and a cost-savings perspective,” said Karrin.
“When Jeff introduced us to the SunSource system,” adds Bret, “it was a natural progression. The idea of going solar became more realistic.”

Out with the old, in with the new

They purchased it on the spot. Paitson replaced the air conditioning unit with a high-efficiency Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XC21 air conditioner, added a Harmony III™ zoning system and control panel and replaced the existing thermostat with two ComfortSense® 3000 thermostats. He also added a PureAir® air purification system and replaced the outdated heating unit with a Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V variable-capacity gas furnace.

Indoor comfort and energy savings

The Frosts have been incredibly pleased with the SunSource Home Energy System, featuring the solar-ready XC21 air conditioner from Lennox. In six months, they have generated 1.07 megawatt hours, or enough to power 35 homes for one day or plant 19 trees with a carbon offset of 1,630 pounds.*

Plus, Karrin notices that “the temperature has been very comfortable and I haven’t had to tinker with the thermostat,” while Bret notices a big difference in indoor air quality.

“It didn’t take long to see the savings,” said Bret, who notes that he was thrilled to see the electric meter run backwards. “A couple of times, the meter has been dead stopped. And we’re already in the double digits of trees saved,” he added, referring to the system’s ability to monitor carbon offsets in the form of oil barrels saved and trees planted.

More than just lower utility bills

Paitson adds that while getting a payback on utility bills is a motivator for many homeowners, it isn’t the most important driver behind their decision to buy solar. “It’s about having a unique opportunity to do the right thing for their communities, to help reduce the country’s reliance on foreign oil and to play a role in protecting the future of the planet.”

Leading the way

“Once people hear that solar-energy-powered HVAC is available, they want it,” said Paitson. A third-generation Lennox Dealer, Paitson sees huge potential for the solar market to evolve. “Our family has been in the HVAC business for almost 90 years, and my father remembers when air conditioning was a novelty. People would have their AC units installed on the front of their homes so their neighbors knew they had it. I think solar energy systems like SunSource may continue the same way.”

*Through June 2011

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