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<i>ComfortSense</i>® 5000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat

ComfortSense® 5000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat

Effortless, efficient temperature control

The ComfortSense® 5000 thermostat enhances your comfort, while keeping energy costs under control. Programmable screens allow you to customize settings with little effort. Advanced logic responds to your choices and schedule, with minimal temperature swings.


Here are some of the top features of the ComfortSense 5000:

7-day programming allows you to customize a temperature schedule for every day of the week with up to four time periods per day.

User-friendly touchscreen display for effortless temperature control.

Change/check reminders alert you when it's time to service or replace filters.


Features and Benefits

Energy Efficiency

  • Dual-fuel capability (multi-stage heat pump version only)—increases the efficiency of dual-fuel heating systems by automatically alternating between gas and electric operation

Home Comfort

  • 7-day programming—allows you to customize a temperature schedule for every day of the week with up to four time periods per day
  • Easy integration—designed to work with almost any heating and cooling system
  • Advanced logic—responds to users' choices and schedules, with minimal temperature swings
  • Menu-driven programming—allows users to customize settings with little effort

Reliable Performance

  • Touchscreen display—large, easy-to-use display with adjustable brightness and real-time clock
  • Menu-driven interface—allows fast, simple touch operation
  • Change/check reminders—alert you when it's time to service or replace filters, batteries, etc.
  • Temporary hold—allows you to pause the schedule for just a few hours or few days

Warranty and Specs

Warranty and Specs

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components

ComfortSense5000 Product Literature

Product Brochures


Lennox ComfortSense Series Thermostats Brochure

Homeowners Manuals


ComfortSense 5000 Thermostat Homeowners Manual


Rated 3.3 out of 5 by 19 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easy to use. This touchscreen thermostat was simple to learn and I love how the instructions are folded into the back of the unit in case you have a memory lapse. October 2, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Not a bad Thermostat My only issue with it is the fact that it is 2 degrees off of the real temperature. Can this be adjusted at all? Every thermostat I put next to it says its 2 degrees hotter than what this thermostat is reporting.. July 29, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Thermostat A bit difficult to program, not as user friendly as previously owned units. July 11, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easy to use Thermostat My first impression on this thermostat is that it was very sleek and fitting to the room wit the white boarders. The thermostat was very easy to use with its touch screen. From setting a scheduled AC to changing the temperature, it was all easy and straight forward to use. June 27, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by cs5000 m L5711U The back light is to bright, and it cycles all the time. I have reprogrammed it twice and is not user friendly. June 12, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not user friendly We bought this home new with total energy efficient systems built in, including the thermostat, (P) X4146. It is less than 5years old and the thermostat does not function properly. It sticks at 70. no higher, no lower. I am thankful we still have heat, but with my three younger grandchildren living with us, this setting is a little too cool for much of the time at night, even out here in AZ with our dry heat. I think such a well known product name should last longer than less than 5 years? February 6, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Short Cycles, Does not transition between scheduled and manual settings You can hear the relays inside thermostat engaging, then disengaging without turning the heat on. This happens 3-4 times and then it just stops. The scheduled heat setting does not always respond. The setting shows "Set To" 68F and the inside temperature reading shows 64F, but still no heat turns on. I manually change from scheduled heat to "Hold" and raise the temperature up to 70F and still the heat does not come on. I have to turn the system from On to Off then back On and I hear the relay engage and the heat now comes on. This happens intermittently. I have a service call placed for a technician to come out and replace the thermostat. Hopefully Lennox has seen enough of these types of problems with this unit and has a different model to replace it with. January 7, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Cycles too often This thermostat cycles my heat on about every 10 mins and the furnace runs for about 5 mins and shuts off. The inside temperature on the unit doesn't even fluctuate, it stays at the set point. It seems to have a half degree differential even thought its set at 3 degrees. I've tried increasing the differential and also the cycles per hour and the thermostat still does these short cycles. November 30, 2013

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