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Don’t watch your comfort evaporate. Get control with a dehumidifier.

Few things affect indoor comfort quite like humidity. When your home has too much moisture inside, either because your house isn’t sealed well or you live in a high-humidity area, the air can feel heavy, sticky and hot. Excessive humidity also encourages the growth of mold, mildew, dust mites and bacteria. Installing a Healthy Climate® dehumidifier can change your indoor air quality forever. It’s a difference you can truly feel.

Optimal humidity control

Using patented technology, a Humiditrol® Whole-Home Dehumidification System helps maintain optimal moisture levels. When installed as part of a variable speed central air-conditioning system controlled by an iComfort Wi-Fi® or a ComfortSense® touchscreen thermostat, the Humiditrol system can remove more than 150 liters of moisture per day from a home’s air. By comparison, a typical portable humidifier can only remove 28.4 liters per day.

Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

Designed to easily integrate with most heating and cooling systems, a Healthy Climate® dehumidifier can control humidity in your entire home or a single area. They are easier to use and less intrusive than portable dehumidifiers, and there’s no need to empty buckets of water.

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