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Stale Air

For cleaner and healthier air, keep it moving.

Does your home have an airflow problem? It might, especially if every crack is sealed and the house is well insulated to help conserve energy. A Healthy Climate® ventilation system supplies your home with a constant flow of fresh air to make it feel comfortable—and reduce indoor air pollutants that could make your family sick.

Q: How can I improve ventilation inside my home? 

A: Opening a window or two and turning on ceiling fans can keep the air in your home moving. But this can waste energy when your heating or cooling system is on, increasing your utility bills. It also invites pollen and other allergens into your home. A Healthy Climate ventilation system offers an easy and innovative way to improve air circulation and reduce particle concentrations throughout your whole home.

Q: How does a home ventilation system work? 

A: In a sense, ventilation systems are like the lungs of your house. They take in fresh outdoor air for circulation, while expelling odors, chemical vapors and pollutants outside your home. So when you're inside, you're always breathing in air that feels better. Best of all, Healthy Climate solutions like the energy-recovery ventilation system transfer stale indoor air to the outside without wasting the energy you've spent heating, cooling and dehumidifying it.

Q: What’s the difference between heat- and energy-recovery ventilation? 

A: Ideal for colder climates, the Healthy Climate HRV uses a patented aluminum core to maintain your comfort levels, preserving the heat from inside your home and transferring it to the incoming fresh air. Designed for warmer climates, the Healthy Climate ERV uses a patent-pending enthalpic core to transfer moisture and heat energy from the incoming fresh air to the outgoing air stream, keeping your home cool and dry.

Q: How can I tell if I have a ventilation problem? 

A: Signs of poor ventilation include moisture buildup on windows or walls and smelly or stuffy air. Lingering home odors are another indication of a ventilation problem.

Q: Why is proper air circulation important in the home? 

A: Air flowing freely throughout your home helps to regulate temperature, prevent buildup of particles and mold, and it makes breathing easier for everyone in your family. Also, if you enjoy cooking or use a lot of hobby supplies (glue, spray paints, epoxy, etc.), good air circulation can help dissipate odors and fumes.
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