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Household Chemicals

Start getting rid of toxins in your home. Even the hidden ones.

You might be surprised at what household chemicals are polluting the air inside your home. Take new carpets, for example. They may feel good under your feet, but they can give off chemical vapors and fumes that contaminate your home’s air. The same goes for upholstered furniture and draperies. A PureAir™ air purification system can destroy chemical vapors in your home’s air and make it healthier to breathe.

Q: What are the health risks of household chemicals? 

A: Every person has their own sensitivities, so the health effects vary greatly. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found that chemicals around the house can cause eye and throat or lung irritation. Certain chemicals can pose a serious threat to human health, particularly young children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues.

Q: What are volatile organic chemicals? 

A: With an ever-growing focus on organic foods, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can sound like a good thing. What makes them "organic" is the fact that these chemical substances contain carbon, which is found in all living organisms. "Volatile" means the chemicals give off gases, or vapors, at room temperature.

When inhaled, VOCs can have serious health consequences. As with other types of pollutants, the severity of symptoms depends on the level of exposure and duration of contact.

VOCs are found in a wide variety of household products and materials, including everything from paints and varnishes to cleaning supplies and new carpeting. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that concentrations of VOCs are greater indoors than outside.

Q: How does a PureAir system attack chemicals? 

A: Using patented light-purification technology, the PureAir system removes and destroys chemical vapors. View our product demo to find out how.

Q: What steps can I take to get rid of chemicals? 

A: If you want to breathe easier in your home, you can buy products with low emissions of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and avoid other products like pressed-wood cabinets and solvents. For added protection and peace of mind, you can have your Lennox® dealer install a PureAir™ air purification system, the only single indoor air quality system that can safely remove and destroy chemical vapors in your home.

Q: What are some sources of chemicals in the home? 

A: Many household items give off chemical vapors that can impact your family’s health. The list includes carpeting, upholstered furniture, gas appliances, paints and solvents, cleaning products, air fresheners, dry-cleaned clothing and pesticides. If you have an attached garage, fumes from the gasoline, oil and antifreeze in your car can find their way into your home’s air. Harsh chemicals can also come from cigarette smoke and woodstoves.

Q: How is an air purification system different from an air filtration system? 

A: Filtration systems are designed to reduce airborne concentrations of particles and biological pollutants. The PureAir™ air purification system, uses patented photocatalytic oxidation technology to attack particles and germs, plus chemical vapors and odors. In fact, it's the only single system that can safely remove and destroy chemical vapors, such as tobacco smoke.
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