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Bacteria, Mold & Germs

Don’t want to catch germs? There’s a Healthy Climate® solution that will catch them for you.

Mold, bacteria, pet dander and even viruses can settle on surfaces and circulate through your home’s air. Fortunately, Healthy Climate® germicidal lights are a simple and effective solution that combat biological pollutants, so you can relax knowing your indoor air is as healthy as it can be. To keep germs from multiplying, it also helps to control moisture levels with a dehumidification system.

Q: How can I protect my family from germs? 

A: Regular household cleaning and vacuuming can help control the spread of germs. Another effective way of battling germs is to have a Lennox® dealer install a Healthy Climate® germicidal light in your home's central heating and cooling system.

Q: How does a germicidal light work? 

A: Easily installed inside your ductwork, these solutions emit powerful rays of ultraviolet light that penetrate the cell walls of biological contaminants on surfaces, damaging their physiological structure so they can no longer grow, multiply and spread throughout your home. Even when your heating and cooling system isn’t running, Healthy Climate germicidal lights work continuously.

Q: What types of germs are there? 

A: Germs are a class of biological contaminants or microorganisms that includes bacteria, molds, mildew, viruses, pet dander, dust mites and fungi.

Q: Why are germs in my home a concern? 

A: Some germs can trigger allergic reactions, while others can cause infectious illnesses. Mold and mildew can also stain walls, give rooms a musty odor and cause structural damage to your home.

Q: Where are germs typically concentrated? 

A: Germs are generally transmitted by people and animals, so they are present everywhere, particularly in damp places like basements and crawl spaces. Central heating and cooling systems that haven’t been properly maintained can be breeding grounds for mold and mildew.
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