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Common Air Quality Issues

Improving Air Quality in Your Home

Allergens are just one issue you may be living with in your home.

Dust dancing all around you? Is the sight of mold making you green? Are home odors hanging around for hours and even days? These are just a few of the common indoor air quality issues that can impact your home’s air quality.


Pollen, dust and pet dander can make breathing miserable for anyone who spends much time inside their home.

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Bacteria, Mold and Germs

Tiny organic particles can be suspended in your environment, where they can make their way into your lungs.

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Household Chemicals

From ozone and adhesives to paint and new carpeting, chemical vapors enter your indoor living space every day.

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Humidity Imbalances

Air that’s too humid or dry can affect your comfort, health and household energy usage.

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Home Odors

From cooking fumes to pet odors and beyond, there are many household smells that can make your inside air unpleasant and unhealthy.

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Ozone in the atmosphere protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Ozone generated in living rooms by some stand-alone air purifiers can make problems with indoor air quality significantly worse.

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Stale Air

Your home needs a constant flow of fresh air to feel comfortable—and minimize the buildup of pollutants.

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